Bolle Axis Lightweight Safety Glasses

Bolle Axis Lightweight Safety Glasses

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Product Description:

Bolle Axis Safety Glasses are eye shields against shocks with an ultra-light design imageand a style that is an outgrowth of the world-renowned Bolle sports range. The AXCONT Contrast Safety Glasses are so light that you hardly notice you're wearing an eyeshield, and all you feel is a sense of safety and well being. Bolle Axis Eye Shields feature a one-piece front that is highly resistant to shocks and affords panoramic 180 degree vision. The Axis Safety Glasses have a flexible and adjustable silicone bridge so the eye shields can be adapted to all faces.

Bolle has used its many years of experience to harness the very latest technologies for lenses, such as O-ring injections that ensure optical quality, and bi-material co-injected pivoting temples, providing unrivalled stability and comfort. Choose from three Bolle Axis styles including Bolle AXPSI clear, Bolle AXCONT contrast . Other Bolle Eyeshields are the Bolle Viper Safety Glasses and the Bolle Silium Safety Glasses. Along with eye shielding, Bolle is known for Bolle Goggles, Bolle Helmets, Bolle Rx Prescription Eyewear, Bolle Sunglasses and Bolle Eyewear Accessories.

Bolle Safety Eyewear Styles

Available options of Bolle Axis Lightweight Safety Glasses:

  • AXCONT: Bolle Axis Lightweight Safety Glasses, Bolle Axis Safety Glasses Lens Color Options Bolle Axis High Contrast Lens

Specifications for Bolle Axis Safety Glasses:

Lens:   Polycarbonate (PC)
Frame:   Polycarbonate and TPR
Temples:   Standard
Pivoting Temples:   Yes
Integrated Side Protections:   Yes
Nose:   Adjustable Soft PVC
Weight:   28 grams

Features of Bolle Axis Safety Glasses:

  • Ultra-lightweight Polycarbonate ( PC ) Lenses
  • Highly resistant to shocks
  • Bi-material co-injected pivoting temples
  • Adjustable silicone bridge
  • Panoramic 180 degree vision
  • Three styles to choose from

Package Contents:

  • Bolle Axis Safety Glasses