Bolle Prescription Eyewear

The time has come. Bollé prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses are now available to buy direct. Your favorite eyewear manufacturer is reaching out and offering their entire collection of designer eyeglasses and frames directly into the hands of winners that desire only the finest for sport, and for life. Whether you are looking for prescription sunglasses that can withstand the extreme, or reading glasses with a future-driven design, Bollé has the pair that's right for you. For the performance you need and the quality you expect, trust in Bollé eyewear to protect your eyes from the elements and keep you looking sharp.

The comfort achieved with the help of Bollé is unparalleled. With technologies that far surpass your average pair of sunglasses or goggles, you can be sure that vision is ready for anything. Bollé lenses feature anti-reflective coatings, an Optics Control System™, and many other aspects that allow them to tower over the competition. Frames and goggles follow suit with technical innovations such as shock absorber tips and Equalizer® vents. With Bollé technology, you will be armed to the pupils with guaranteed protection.